Friday, July 20, 2012

More Like a Cabbage Than an Onion

When you are learning, changing and growing, the process is often compared to peeling away the layers of an onion. You may think you're done when you get through one layer, but there it is, another layer, lying in wait, ready to be peeled back.

I remember once asking a workshop leader whether I'd be "done", once I healed from an event. The answer was swift. "Not if you're lucky." Life is a process, living it means that we continue to learn, change and grow.

However, I think that a cabbage better describes this process. The layers in an onion are concentric and evenly spaced; they're easily peeled off, too.

Personal growth, can be easy, at times.Yet, other layers can be messy and difficult to peel back. You don't know what you'll find until you get there. The layers are uneven, just like the cabbage.

Perhaps, the personal growth comparison to the onion has more to do with the tears than the layers?

What do you think? Onion or cabbage?


  1. Like a good mixed diet, I'd say a little of each!

    1. Grannymar, maybe the smooth transition of the onion and the lack of tears of the cabbage? :)

  2. Cabbage decidedly. I personally prefer the labyrinth as a metaphor for life.

    1. Ramana, I'll have to look into the labyrinth more.


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