Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Change of Heart

Life. A matter of perception. Stress transformation allows you to view the world a little differently, often with big results.

Here are some examples:
  1. Initial Impression - A colleague who is making more errors than usual.
    Change of Heart - You learn that they are dealing with a terminally ill family member.
  2. Initial Impression - You are stuck in traffic going over the bridge. You're worried that you will be late.
    Change of Heart - As you inch your way over the bridge, you later discover that the reason for the slow progress is a serious medical emergency.
  3. Initial Impression - (Here is one of a personal nature.) It is my policy to follow-up with the parents after I've finished working with their child. This particular time, I didn't get a return call. I started to worry (worry = stress), thinking that they weren't happy with what I did. Self-doubt began to incubate. Change of Heart - Two weeks later, I received a call, saying a) that they had been out of town and b) that my young client was doing exceptionally well. (I have since learned to step off the treadmill of worry, in circumstances such as this one.)
A change in perception can make a difference to you (and to those around you). It gives you an opportunity to offer up the gift of compassion, which is a powerful stress undresser.

When has a change of heart benefitted you?

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  1. Marianna,
    The 'treadmill of worry.' Wow, that resonates. And, your 3 examples are illustrative. Perhaps it's the 'fight or flight' reaction that spurs us to worry and stress in preparation for the 'worst possible result.' However, I love the idea of--and aspire to practice--'changing my perception' in these situations. Often, the cause for a client's unreturned call or a colleague's excessive work mistakes are 'not' what we instinctively suspect, as you eloquently describe. Your blog post is a great reminder to all of us to be a bit more open-minded as to the reasons when things don't always go as we expect. I love the video, too! So uplifting!


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