Friday, February 10, 2012

Attuning Your Antennae to Inspiration

Image courtesy of Craig Hauger.

Do you remember how the antennae on My Favourite Martian's head would rise up and lock in on a signal?

What if your antennae could lock in on inspiration, ensuring that you'll always have a topic for a post?

Inspiration is all around - gifts from the people you speak with, the programs you watch, the tweets you read, the music you hear, the nature you enjoy.

One of the best way to attune your attennae is to undress your stress. Stress is the great distractor - your thoughts get hijacked and your focus shifts to the things that are stressing you. Looping thoughts may keep you awake at night. Too many sleepless, restless nights and you may miss the fluttering wings of inspiration.

Where have you found inspiration? When is it more noticeable?


  1. Usually after a lot of perspiration.

    Seriopusly, I am reading an amazing book which has a great deal to say on various aspects of our will power which deals with this aspect too.

  2. Ramana,

    I heard about the marshmallow experiment.

    Does it apply to ice-cream, I wonder. LOL!

    There goes the Book List - another added.:)


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