Monday, February 27, 2012

Mirthful Monday - Another Year, Another Mystery

The anonymously-sent Valentine's Day gift basket came enclosed with a card that read, "I hope the wind is at your back, keeping you on track. That you never lack for love . . . "

For the second year running, I've been the lucky recipient of a gift basket. The gift-giver is like a well-hidden ghost whose presence is felt, but never seen.

Unfortunately, I'm not as skilled as the detectives in those British mysteries I like so much. I know that the contact is through my business, Auntie Stress. I also suspect that the person resides outside of Canada. Even though the trail runs cold, my heart runs warm.

So, from the bottom of my heart - thank you, whoever you are. :)

Do you like surprises?

"Here's the thing about surprises. Ask around and you'll find that some people dislike them...." for more go to A Twitterin' Surprise.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Survival - Then and Now

Step into that time machine and zoom back, back, back, to the time when prehistoric man walked the earth. They knew how to throw a party! If dinner didn't catch them, and they were lucky enough to catch it, they'd drag it home to the roaring campfire, where it was roasted and served up (maybe) with some greens. Oh, what a party that was! Eating! Dancing! Singing! Sleeping!

Image: Lost Viking
You inherited your autonomic nervous system (ANS) from those people. When you are stressed, it obliges by dousing your system with fourteen-hundred chemicals that prepare you for flight or fight.

The ANS is a terrific survival mechanism - if used, appropriately.

If you're constantly soaking in negative emotions, the ANS will respond by opening the "taps" and flooding your system with chemicals that aren't meant to be regularly flowing - they're meant for those times when you are truly under threat.

During stress, a number of physiological changes occur, which include:
  • increased heart rate
  • respiration speeds up
  • increased blood pressure
  • dilated pupils
  • slowed digestion
  • muscles tense
  • blood sugar and fats are increased for extra energy
  • hearing becomes more acute
  • thoughts race
  • blood clots more readily
Do you see how those physiological changes would benefit our beast-stalking, fire-dancing fore-bears? 

Rush-hour traffic, long line-ups at the bank or something you read in the newspaper? Logically we know that it doesn't compare to any true life and death situations that we may encounter. Regardless, the flight or fight response kicks in, unless you know how to turn off the taps and transform that stress response.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), stress will become one of the greatest burdens of ill-health in developing nations in the 21st century. I think it already is, don't you?

Part of why stress has become such an epidemic is because, as many of my clients have stated, "I didn't know what to do."

In a coaching program you learn what stress is, but more importantly how to transform it with techniques that treat the cause of your stress. Techniques that use the power of your heart, which sends signals to the brain telling it whether the flight or fight response is needed or not.

You'll learn how to recognize when you are soaking in negative thoughts and emotions. You'll celebrate the positive changes you see.

"...without your passion and dedication I would not of been able to handle the stressful events as well as I did....the ER nurses commented, 'you sure seem calm in the midst of all the chaos you've been through this week.'" I gave them your business card.! ~ M. Thomson, Burnaby, B.C.

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Prehistoric man was intent on surviving. Transform your stress and you'll not only survive, but thrive, as you drive and dance through life.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Memory Lane


Are you taking a stroll down memory lane? Choose the route that is well-lit, not the dark, scary alley.

The brain doesn't differentiate between real or imagined memories. Spend more time recalling the pleasant memories, the ones that put a smile on your face, a skip in your step and joy in your heart.

Learn to diffuse the unpleasant memories with stress techniques - unhooking the strong attachments to them by forging new neural pathways.

Build upon this practise and you change your history, making it easier to stroll down the route that is filled with light.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Attuning Your Antennae to Inspiration

Image courtesy of Craig Hauger.

Do you remember how the antennae on My Favourite Martian's head would rise up and lock in on a signal?

What if your antennae could lock in on inspiration, ensuring that you'll always have a topic for a post?

Inspiration is all around - gifts from the people you speak with, the programs you watch, the tweets you read, the music you hear, the nature you enjoy.

One of the best way to attune your attennae is to undress your stress. Stress is the great distractor - your thoughts get hijacked and your focus shifts to the things that are stressing you. Looping thoughts may keep you awake at night. Too many sleepless, restless nights and you may miss the fluttering wings of inspiration.

Where have you found inspiration? When is it more noticeable?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Suffering and Significance

On Quicksand of Feelings, I talked about how discouraged and frustrated I was about the low visitor count to A Rheumful of Tips - my year-long blogging project where I provide tips that have helped me move through thirty-four years of living life with rheumatoid arthritis.

I was suffering, because of the significance I attached to that blog. You can blame it partly on the ego ("I should be further along by now." "So and so's blog has X number of visitors and commentators.") and partly on falling into old patterns of behaviour (Comparatitis - measuring myself against others and falling short. Not keeping the porthole of perception as streak-free as I could).

Image courtesy of  Katherine Halliburton.

Things have significantly turned around. My readership has gone up, but not drastically. I still write those posts and publish them on a daily basis. The biggest change, however, is how I view that blog. I transformed my stress (soaking in negative thoughts and emotions trigger the stress response), and changed my perception, which provided me a better view.

When you practise techniques that smooth out your heart rate variability (HRV), your perception changes - gently and without a great deal of effort. That has made all the difference to me.

Writing for A Rheumful of Tips is no longer an onerous task; in fact, when I once thought I wouldn't have enough material for 365 tips, I now have ideas hitching rides on the backs of other ideas. I'm in the flow and since I love to swim, it's a great place to be!

How about you? Is it time to clean your porthole of perception? Can you recall an example where a perception change has made a difference in your life?

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