Friday, October 21, 2011

I Hear and See You

We all want to know that our life counts for something - that we've been seen and heard. That we matter.

Do make some time to listen to the stories of friends and family members; in sharing, you're caring. In caring, you're building connections that will sustain you, long after the light of your relationship has dimmed.

If you're young, document the history of your family; don't just wait for "one day" because that day arrives too soon, and then it becomes "yesterday" - and it's too late.

As I read David's post today, I realized that blogging is another way to preserve those memories for family and friends.


  1. Synchronicity? This post and its predecessor both relate to me! During my brother's recent visit to take care of me during my surgery and post op care, he dug up all old photographs and digitalised them and sent them to all our family members for storing in their computers! He did it for me too.

  2. Ramana,
    Don't you love that synchonicity!

    That's a big job your brother undertook! Bravo.

  3. Marianna,

    What a touching post and are so right in the importance of documenting the history of your family before it is too late.

    Of course, it also depends on the receptiveness and readiness of your family members. Some family members are natural story tellers and they are a pleasure to record; others less so.

    My late father-in-law had been a wonderful story-teller but once his health started failing him, he no longer wished to tell those great stories...It was at that point that we "woke up" and realized that we should be documenting them.

    I think the lesson to be learned is to get those stories while they're "hot" - while the family members are well and are enthusiastically sharing them.

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment, Dorlee. I like what you said about getting them while they're "hot".

    Even if people aren't good story tellers, I think getting a family history is important. Health, work, trials, tribulations - all there for the taking.

    Did you get many of those stories documented?


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