Friday, June 24, 2011

The Garden of Life

This spring has been cool and frequently wet, yet despite the rain, the seeds I've planted are breaking free of their interment. The beans and the peas are doing well with small amounts of sunshine. Even the topsy-turvey tomato appears to bask in the afternoon sun, whenever the curtains of clouds are pulled back.

Along with this year's anticipated crop of herbs and vegetables, I see a number of weeds muscling their way in, clamouring for their share of the sun. I know that it's best to remove the weeds before their roots take hold, making them more difficult to pull out.

Not unlike the garden of life. Bad habits can be like deep roots; difficult to unearth. How are you encouraging healthy growth? Do you regularly weed out that which no longer serves you?  Is it time to make some changes? When was the last time you experimented with some new seeds?

Sun, nutrients, water and care; these are all elements that encourage healthy growth. Learn to undress your stress and enjoy the splendours of the garden that is your life.

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  1. I am not very happy with the sun right now. :(

  2. The weeds! Being a gardener of sorts myself, I know how difficult it is to keep them at bay. The metaphor works for habits as well as destructive thought processes. It is a never ending work in progress, even using weedicides!

  3. GM,
    Maybe this will help:

    This is such a singable song; even for me! :)

    I remember attending a workshop, hoping to finally be done with an issue. The facilitator commented that life is a process. Or as you so aptly put it, "a never-ending work in progress".


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