Monday, February 21, 2011

Mirthful Monday - Still Wondering

It's been a week and I am no closer to solving it.

A mysterious someone wished me flowers in the grass, memories that last, shelter from the passing rain and a Happy Valentine's Day, accompanied by a basket-full of tasty treats to tantalise.

Last week was challenging. You could even say it was stressful. But I have been able to utilise the Valentine's Day surprise to shift my thoughts from the negative stress-inducing ones and activate more positive feelings such as gratitude, joy and wonder.

And, speaking of wondering ... were you the generous and thoughtful soul who sent this basket my way?

Do you care to share any surprises that make your heart sing when you recall them?


  1. OK, Marianna, I'll come clean! It wasn't me, LOL, so now you have one person checked off.

    Just 7 billion to go!

    But, I would have.

  2. Conrad,
    He's baaaccck - or rather, it's worrrkkking!

    I have my suspicions, but the "suspect" ain't talkin! :)

    There's always next year! LOL!

  3. Marianna,
    Utilizing positive surprises to shift our negative energy is such a wonderful thing.

    Thanks for sharing your story woven with sweet verse (flowers in the grass, memories that last ...) and a thoughtful lesson on the power we have to influence one another's feelings.

    Credit to you for cultivating relationships that give back to you during your times of challenge/stress.

    A basket-full of positive thoughts beamed your way,

  4. Jacqui,
    It's funny, I was using my detective skills, which are nothing to brag about, in trying to figure out the writing style. The card looked as if it had been typed up on an old-fashioned type-writer. Remember those? :)

    The interesting thing about switching negatives into positives is that it is a skill. That's good because it means we can practise it.

    Now, are you ready for that second cup of coffee or are we switching? ;)


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