Friday, February 25, 2011

Emotionally Connected - Courtesy of Sidney Crosby and Tim Hortons

Why is this Sidney Crosby/Tim Hortons commercial so powerful?  In a word - emotions! (I confess that even though you won't catch me watching Hockey Night in Canada, I am moved by this commercial.)

Growing up around snow and skating on frozen patches of ice, driving down streets where you saw kids playing hockey and yelling "Car!" - distant echoes from the past, a remembering of simpler times, of dreams and hopes and rosy cheeks.

Emotions - we all have them. It's what gives our life quality and meaning. Learning to use positive thoughts and feelings transforms your stress. It is the basis of good emotional management, a skill that can be learned and practised.


  1. What a powerful way to convey a profound concept! Great post Marianna.

  2. Ramana,
    Cultural differences not withstanding?

    Thank you.

  3. Just replace cricket for hockey and the cultural differences disappear.

  4. nice way to deliver your opinion. i like your writing.

  5. Ramana,
    I never even considered that.


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