Monday, January 3, 2011

Mirthful Monday - Get Up and Move

"I can't keep time."

"Someone will laugh at me."

"I'm not very good."

Suspend that self-limiting talk for 4:45 minutes and just get up and move. (Not sure? Start slowly by tapping your foot!)

Warning! Be prepared to feel joy wash over you.

Ready? Set? Click here!

That is how quickly emotions can change. Doing little things have a big effect on the way you feel. Learn and practise techniques that change the way you feel and feel better more often. I invite you to find out more by clicking here.

Image courtesy of Emmanouel V.


  1. Ramana,
    Nice to hear, although you may find this brisk weather we're having a trial.

    Any particular reason you say that, Ramana?

  2. To let some steam off at Auntie Stress! Not that I am stressed, but just to get a feel!!

  3. Ramana,
    The next best thing to being there is Skype! We just need to set up a time.

  4. Marianna,

    I loved this! I'm a dancer, dancer, dancer, and I truly believe (okay, I know this makes me utterly naive....) but I believe dancing can save the world...or singing....or just MUSIC.



  5. Jody,
    I'm glad you danced your way over here. Pleased to meet you and I hope to see you back.

    I'm curious. Do you have a theme song for yourself? :)


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