Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gifts That Can't Be Wrapped

If you're looking for gifts that touch the heart, consider one of the following variations of The Gift of Yourself:
  • The Gift of Time - Who do you know that would appreciate regular visits from you?
  • The Gift of Reading - A senior, a child, someone who is bed-ridden - reading is one of those things that unites and transports.
  • The Gift of Listening - On the phone or in person...turn off your cell phone, the television and the mind chatter and listen with your heART.
  • The Gift of Assistance - Who can you help? Perhaps something comes easily to you that your friend or family members find difficult?
  • The Gift of Acceptance - gifts, person, time, situation.
  • The Gift of Forgiveness – others and yourself. This includes letting go of guilt – an emotion that keeps you stuck.
When you give freely and without resentment, you also give to yourself. Your heart rhythms smoothen out, which means that the chemical composition is different....and that's good news!

A smooth rhythm sends signals to your brain indicating that all is calm, all is bright. (Okay, I had to insert that - it is Christmas, after all!) This means that the stress response is not activated. You benefit with better emotional, mental and physical health. Those positive changes also leave their mark on your loved ones and the planet. Why? Think about how you are when you feel good. Are you more magnanimous? Do you get more things done? Are you able to ignore the petty things?

When you are able to see your heart rhythms change in response to how you think and feel, how you think and feel becomes a very powerful agent of change.

Conrad Hake, a generous San Franciscan, pleasantly surprised me last year with a gift that touched my heart. You can see it here:
  • The Gift of Music - See how well he does with his piano playing!:)
From my home and heart to yours Merry Christmas! May you travel safely and be surrounded by moments (big and/or small) of love, peace and joy.

Image courtesy of Robson Talaveiras.

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  1. This is a beautiful and touching post. Every single gift listed by you has been given to me in the recent past during my indisposition. I am truly grateful for all that.

    I reciprocate your greetings with much affection and regards.


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