Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Six Signs That You May Be Tweeting Too Much

  1. You say "LOL!", instead of laughing aloud.
  2. Before engaging with someone, you want to know their bio.
  3. You're dropping parts of the sentence or question, all the time. "Do you want..." becomes "Want...".
  4. Whenever you type an email, it is filled with abbreviations: @ for at; w/ for with; 2 for to, too; u for you; urself - yourself; abt - about; and on it goes
  5. You say "Retweet," when you ask someone for a second time to do something.
  6. "Call me," is replaced by "DM" me.
What have you noticed as a result of your tweeting habits?

Image courtesy of Jade Gordon.

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  1. I laugh more, I cry more and I fall in love daily - all while sitting in front of my computer :)


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