Monday, June 28, 2010

Simplici - Tea

My goal is to make the majority of our meals from scratch, using wholesome ingredients. Generally speaking, I succeed.

With some planning, it doesn't take a lot of extra time, contrary to what we've been "sold" by some convenience food makers.

Similarly, stress transformation doesn't require a great deal of time. Since you are thinking and feeling anyway, why not make time and learn to guide the way you think and feel? Brew up some fine heart-felt feelings like appreciation, care and compassion and you'll enjoy a change in stress levels.

You'll be asking for more when you notice how simple it is to feel that much better.

Speaking of seconds, here is my recipe for made-from-scratch iced tea:

1 teabag of black tea
1 teabag of fruit-flavoured herbal tea
2 pinches of loose-leaf green tea (or a green tea bag)
1 stock of mint
1 stock of lemon balm (optional)
Slices of citrus (orange, lemon, lime)
Sugar or honey to taste

1. Boil water.
2. Place the tea in a pitcher.
3. Pour water over tea. Let steep a few minute.
4. Remove tea bags.
5. Add herbs and sugar. Stir well.


  1. Marianna, I hope that I will get an opportunity to make some Indian Chai for you one day. You will give up tea bags for sure.

  2. Any kind of tea is great for me. I'd love to try this out. Some of my kids prefer iced tea to coca cola.


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