Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dream Seedlings

A dream - a seed of an idea that slowly, secretly even, reveals itself.

You guard this precious thing, choosing to tell a select few - your inner circle - for fear that exposing it too soon, to too many, may somehow hamper its growth.

It's delicate and precious and needs nurturing. Forcing it doesn't work - a gentle hand is required.

What dreams do you secretly hold in your heart? How are you keeping them alive?

Do you even have a dream? Has stress stomped on that seedling, smothering it, so that it didn't get a chance to come into existence?

Are you surrounded by people who share in the joy of your dreams? Encouraging them and you - even when you think that you may no longer be able to achieve them? They still see the potential - in you.

Do your dreams matter to the significant people in your life? Do they take pleasure in seeing you reach for and attain them?

Do they want them for you?

Who has nurtured the seedlings of your dreams?

Photo courtesy of  Jean-Paul Brouard.


  1. You know, I have had people placed in my life at the needed time to help with nurturing and seeing me through stressful times. People like you. I have an award for you over on my sight. It's one your posts deserve.

  2. Judy,
    It's amazing how people come into our lives. I was reflecting back on how the LBC came into being.

    I met Conrad on Twitter - he proposed the LBC - you entered at the invitation of ? - and here we are.

    Thank you, Judy. I'm glad that I was able to help.

  3. Love the post. I only have one person in my life that pushes for me to make my dream a reality and that is my mother. When God calls her to go back home I will have no one...it's funny that the people you love can careless if you make your dreams a reality because they could not, would not, make theirs a reality.

  4. Anonymous,
    It's wonderful that your mother rejoices in your dreams. You will always have that from her...it's part of who you are.

    I've given this post more thought. Sometimes it's the people who aren't so close (and don't share a "history") who end up being one's biggest supporters.

    Wonder if this may be the case for you?


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