Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What If?

What if you:
  • put aside your hurts?
  • suspended your "I don't likes..."?
  • treated your spouse/sister/brother/friend like a new acquaintance?
  • simply forgot about all the times before and started afresh?
  • did something for the sheer joy of it?
  • realise that you do have a lot to offer?
  • were afraid, but did it anyway?
  • followed your heart?
  • implemented one of these in 2010?
Are you ready to learn, change and grow?

Is this the year?

It becomes possible by activating the power within your heart.

Image courtesy of Cecile Graat.


  1. Yes! The answer is Yes! Thank you for the questions. Love it!

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!


  2. Marianna, always so loving and soothing over here!

    Happy and Vital New Year wishes to you and yours!

  3. It's amazing how truly simple solutions to life's problems are overlooked to be replaced by pharmaceuticals and other expensive treatments that often don't even reach the real source of the problems.

  4. Happy New Year/Decade!

    That was easy! :)

    Thank you for that comment...I'm glad.

    Welcome! One of our life lessons is learning that things don't need to be complicated or difficult.


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