Friday, September 25, 2009


Hot - Delicious
Appetizing - Energizing - Nourishing
A great way to fuel your day.
Cold - Salubrious
Break Fast

I thought I was done. Apparently, this next poem was percolating, just like my morning coffee!

First light of day, rosy and clear
Stretch, yawn, go put the coffee on

Break fast, I'll have an egg today
Vitality, more energy

Fuel for the body, fuel for the brain
Hot or cold, on breakfast, I'm sold

Sun is higher, light is brighter
Breakfast done, gee, I gotta run!

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Image: Breakfast in the garden in Nice, France.


  1. Very robust and appealing. Just the way a breakfast should be. Did you cook up the poem too?

  2. Ramana,
    As pretty as that breakfast looked that early morning in France, it's not one that appeals to me. I'd be hungry in an hour. No protein, not a lot of fibre nor slow-burning foods.

    Yes, the LBC has something to do with me cooking up some poetry, such as it is.

  3. I love the poem. Nice and simple just as breakfast should be.

  4. Nice one there! I enjoy those sentiments.

    Agree about the requirements for to line the stomach and last a good while.

  5. Gotta run, huh? LOL

    You really have a terrific poetic touch! Here's a tip of my coffee mug to you until we can share a cup together...

  6. GM,
    Do you do brunch in your part of the world?

    And, hungry<>angry come to mind!Have to be aware of those dips in blood sugar! :)

    Thank yee, kind sir! *clink, clink* < Sound of coffee cups saluting the day!

  7. Brunch is becoming fashionable here at weekends within families. Going out for breakfast has not caught on here at all. In fact from now to about April it would be difficult to anywhere open for breakfast.

  8. Poetry is a great way to express breakfast and I enjoyed both your poems.

    I will close my eyes, relax and pretend it is early morning in France. Ahhh so nice and delectable. I hate to open my eyes and come back to the real world.

  9. GM,
    Only "just?" I prefer to meet friends for breakfast; those who get up earlier on the weekend, that is!

    Thanks for your encouragement! I'm new to this poetry thing.

    As I hunted for that picture, I was able to take a little trip back in my mind and heart to that first trip to Europe! Glad you joined me!

  10. Apt. And to the point. I like that. And thank you for visiting mine the other day and for your helpful comment.

  11. Gaelikaa,
    Before I go any further, please tell me how to pronounce your name. I think I may be doing something dreadful in my pronunciation.

    Thanks for mine and you're welcome for yours! :)


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