Friday, August 21, 2009

What is Love?

I am honoured to receive an invitation to join the Loose Blog Consortium (LBC). Conrad, Ramana, Grannymar, Ashok and Magpie post on a weekly topic that is suggested by each LBC member in turn. Please visit their blogs and see what wonderous words are woven around Ramana's suggestion - Love.

Cervantes said, "He who sings, scares away his woes." I can't think of a better way to start the weekend than by putting a little music in your heart.

What is Love?

Love is:
When you truly start to listen to what is in your heart, you act from a place of higher good. The remarkable thing is that when you do, your heart rhythms smoothen out. This causes a favourable cascade of biochemical, neural and hormonal events to occur, benefiting not only you, but those with whom you come into contact.

You have a powerful and portable stress transformer available anytime you care to activate it with this Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

It's your turn to have a little fun. Please add a song that illustrate a quality of love.

Image courtesy of Christian Ferrari.


  1. Foreigner: I Want to Know What Love Is

    Good stuff - fellow LBC'er. I get to add a link to you for my post now!

  2. Welcome on board Marianna!

    You fulfilled my HOPE of adding another voice to the see saw of our Bloggers Consortium.

    hope - Love changes everything


  4. Conrad,
    Thanks for the invite and the encouragement!

    Hope is definitely one of the driving forces of love. Great to be on board.

    Thanks for shuffling through the records. Does this tune have a memory attached to it?

  5. Can't find a song. How 'bout:
    I love you.
    You love me.
    We're as happy
    As can be.

    (I'm having a hard time getting any comment published. Jean is helping me with my hard time.)

  6. BHB,
    That was part of a song I remember from way back.

    Re. your comments not getting published - Is it a problem on this site specificially?

  7. No problem getting comment published anymore. I was making something simple, difficult. Thought I had to use WordPress.


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