Friday, August 28, 2009

Dearth of Earth

Every Friday, Conrad, Ramana, Grannymar, Ashok and Magpie of the Loose Blog Consortium (LBC) post on a topic suggested by one of the members. I am honoured to receive an invitation to join this creative group. Please visit their blogs and see what a web of words are woven around Grannymar's topic - Murder.

Funeral services will be held for Mother Earth, who suffered a long, slow and painful death at the hands of those who claimed to love her best. At last count, it is estimated that she was 4.54 billion years old. She is survived by Sister Moon and Brother Sun, as well as a number of relatives, both near and far. Witnesses reported that they heard her gasps for help and saw her tears flow, but despite their best efforts, they felt powerless to prevent her murder.

Her recent years have been difficult - she has taken much abuse. She issued cries of help - stormy outbursts, followed by periods of drought. She had expressed concern over the impending loss of many friends, fearing for her own life.

There are some who claim that this is the normal cycle of life and that she has already lived a long, healthy life. Others fear that her murder could have been prevented with education and conservation methods.

Breaking news...this just in...
It's not too late! Scientists claim that she can be revived. The 3 Rs (Reduce. Reuse. Recycle) begin with you. Start with heart and consider the impact of her passing, not only yourself, but for your children and grand-children.

Image courtesy of Sigurd Decroos


  1. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I congratulate you.

  2. Nice take on the topic, Marianna. I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Original take on the murder theme!

  4. For things to get better, they have to get worse before something is done to prevent disaster. We are complacent until it's bad.

    I have faith that we will save the earth from global warming & all the other ills- in the nick of time.

  5. YES!! And, oh so timely. Viewing it as murder is quite appropriate.

  6. Ramana and Jody,
    Thanks for the encouragement!

    Unfortunately, that seems to be the way of the world. Here's to faith!

    It was the second thing that popped into my head when I gave this topic a think.

  7. Congratulations.

    That is brilliant...I'm going to resign! ;-)

    Perhaps the virus that infects Mother Earth can be made less virulent?

    May I post it to some friends, please?

  8. Marianna, my comment comment seems to have suffered the same painful death you suggested for Mother Earth. Is it in the sin bin?

    What an unusual take on the topic of Murder!

  9. Grannymar No "sin bin" for you - in all my email and web wanderings, I missed your original comment.

    Sorry about that.

  10. Magpie,
    Aw, no need to do that. Remember that I read your offering for the LBC!


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