Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Book of Love

Although you may not remember the song, you have probably heard, "I wonder, wonder who, who wrote the book of love..." by, rather appropriately, if you heard my singing voice, (LOL), The Monotones.

John Gottman had nothing to do with those lyrics, as far as I know, but he has written several books on love, relationships and marriage, which are full of useful, practical tips and information based on his many years of research in Seattle.

Coming up in Langley, B.C. on Nov. 8 & 9th is a workshop entitled, "The Art & Science of Love" - offered by Gottman-trained therapists.

This weekend is one that is enlightening, entertaining and educational. The skills you'll learn at this seminar are transferable to all areas of your life - they also blend well with the techniques and tools that you can learn from Change of Heart Stress Solutions.

Photo by: Marja Flick-Buijs

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