Monday, May 12, 2008

Who is in Control?

Further! More! Better! Bigger! Brighter! Louder!

I just had a look at some of the new blog options and as creative and ingenious as they are, I am going to say 'no, thank you.' Now, that wasn't hard at all.

People who read this blog will have to put up with this format - sure, I'll throw in a few pictures from time to time, but that will be it. I am not going to spend my precious time working on making my blog snap, crackle and pop! I choose that.

One of the biggest sources of stress for people today is the fear that what they're doing is not enough and that they'll never keep up. It's true, you can never keep up with the advancing pace of technology. Alvin Tofler wrote about that in his book, "Future Shock" in the 70's. I invite you to read it and marvel at the prescience of the man.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, decide what you reasonably can do, prioritize and say 'no' once in awhile...without the guilt. Once you start balancing your life you will be able to do more, if you choose. T'is true.

Image courtesy of Miroslav Sárička.

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