Sunday, April 27, 2008

Life Stream

I have been thinking a lot about flow...seems to be that there are two main schools of thought on this issue.

I've heard it said that when things come easily, it's meant to be. And, when they don't, it's not.

Then, there are those who say, "if you want to accomplish something and the road is rough, those obstacles are the Universe's way to see just how badly you want whatever it is you want."

If the second statement is true, just how long is the struggle supposed to last before one decides that enough is enough - time to re-group/re-evaluate and move on?

Any thoughts on this one?

Photo: Mike Munchel

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Earth Day Observation

We all need it - toilet paper! I always buy the double roll for the savings: cost, time, and environmental.

"They" are getting sneaky. When double rolls first came out, they would not fit clear across the shelf where I store them. Today, I was able to fit more double rolls onto the shelf, with room to spare.

Soon, "double" will be the new single. Will it be like ordering a coffee? A double double?

All I can say is, shame on the manufacturers. To think we wouldn't notice!

Photo: Davide Guglielmo

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Earth Day

I'm truly amazed at how advertising works. It seems that everyone (well, almost) is on the 'green' band-wagon. The lessons (and sometimes lectures!) we received growing up would make any greenie proud.

My mother, who grew up in Europe during WW 2, never forgot the lessons she learned in war-time. Shortages made it a necessity to become inventive, whether it be with meals, clothing or household items.

My father, always concerned with costs, never took unnecessary trips because gas cost money. Lights and appliances had to be turned off when we weren't in the room. Heat was kept low. "Put on a sweater, if you're cold!"

It's funny how what goes around comes around. Those voices of my parents are now all around me whenever I pick up the paper, turn on the television or listen to the radio. Back then I never thought my parents would be ahead of their time!

Photo: Barun Patro

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Today is one of those days when I feel 'blah'...I'm tired, restless and feeling like I wasted the day. Interestingly enough, I did manage to complete my very first newsletter, which is a pretty good accomplishment.

My first inclination was to push those feelings away - it was different today. I acknowledged that some days you feel 'blah' and that I needed a nap. Which I had. I also could have benefited from some fresh air. Lesson learned.

So, given how I felt today, I did the best I could - which was definitely not as good as yesterday. A good sleep and things will look better in the morning. Now, if by some miracle, the house-cleaning fairy pays a visit tonight...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Subjective Objective?

While walking my dog, my wind wanders and today's thoughts were about whether we can truly be objective.

Think about the last time you were asked to fill out a survey. What kind of mood were you in? What would happen if you had waited and completed that same survey when you were in the opposite mood? Would you be circling the same answers? Would "never" become "always" or "sometimes"?


Image courtesy of: Daniel Wildman