Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Glimmer of Sunshine

It has been a challenging week with my husband's illness. I was feeling that any ground gained had been lost.

I had taken Murphy, our Dobie, to his favourite dog park when I had the big realization that I wasn't doing some of my typical (dare I say, old?) behaviours. Worrying endlessly, replaying conversations and clock watching...all of which prevent one from experiencing the beauty of the moment. And, it truly was a beautiful moment - newly formed buds bursting forth in a sea of green of varying hues, mist arising from the water as the day warmed and the joy of seeing Murphy chasing squirrels, real or imaginary.

Growth does happen, both in nature and in ourselves and when we tune in, we can celebrate the small gains that we would normally miss, despite what is going on around us.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Candy Store

I remember going to the candy store with 10 cents. The selection wasn't that varied, but even so, I had to decide between mojos, licorice cigars or straws...usually the mojos won out! (they were a better deal, anyway.)

Today, when we are faced with even more variety, it can be difficult to make the decisions we need to make. Everything from 'what shall I have for dinner tonight?' to 'which vitamins do I need?' or 'what do we do tonight?'

Often we spend enormous amounts of time and energy fretting about making the right choice. In other words, we get stuck in indecision. That's fear, m'dear. We're so afraid of making the wrong choice, that we neglect to make any choice. The more we do this - the more entrenched we become.

So, how do we get unstuck? Fortunately, by quietening down the stress hormones, we free ourselves from that endless hamster wheel of thought that goes nowhere - fast!

Somewhere between the candy counter and my life up until about a yr. ago, I was mired in indecision. I am so much happier, as I now understand that I can trust the decisions I make knowing that I did the best with the information I had at the time. (By the way, understanding and really knowing are two very different things.)

Photo: Nicci

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Feeling "Sere"?

I love learning new words & how better to make them part of one's active vocabulary than by using them regularly. So, always one to do more with less, I decided to combine my new word with this week's blog entry.

- adjective; meaning dry, withered
An early autumn was signalled by the sere stalks blowing in the harsh, northerly winds.

I got to thinking how for far too many years (decades?) I was feeling sere. Amazing how much more alive I feel now thanks to really 'getting it'.

Calming the stress hormones has made such a difference. It's like falling in love...with my life!

Photo: Andrew C.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Speak to Me - Part 2

Last week, I mentioned that one of the great benefits of calming the static, a.k.a. stress of your mind, is the ability to listen to that little voice.

I thought I'd give you my most recent example of what happens when you listen. We had been car shopping and had put several offers down. I was about to phone and raise my offer on my 2nd choice.

Fortunately, before doing so, I heard a little voice whispering, "Wait until tomorrow."

Imagine my great delight the following morning when I opened my email to find that the offer on my #1 choice had been accepted!

Learning to listen...a great skill in these days of overload. Every day we are bombarded with information, which in itself can cause confusion. Accessing the power of the heart allows you to filter out a lot of that static, so that you can hear the little voice(of reason).

Thanks to Sophie for the photo!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Speak to Me

Some call it intuition, others, an 'inner knowingness'. It's the voice that lets you make the decisions that are right for you. One of the huge benefits of transforming your stress is the ability to access the knowledge that is within you.

As I practise my HeartMath techniques, I'm becoming more skilled at listening and more importantly, trusting that little voice. Amazing things begin to happen when the static of your mind is quietened down.

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Image courtesy of Kostya Kisleyko.